The BLUU Crew is the official student booster club of Urbana University.  BLUU Crew was founded to enthusiastically support and unify student, alumni, and fans of Urbana University at large and specifically, athletics.

The BLUU Crew’s mission is to generate spirit and crowd involvement at all UU athletic events, as well as throughout  the campus.  BLUU Crew members represent the University and, therefore, must always give forth a positive image.

BLUU Crew Involvement
Each year, BLUU Crew members attend the UU Activities Fair that takes place at the beginning of the school year to promote the club. The goal is to reach out to the student body for new members. Once new members are chosen, monthly meetings are set to discuss the year’s activities and the BLUU Crew’s involvement.

BLUU Crew members are expected to make a commitment to the club from August through April.

Member Responsibilities
BLUU Crew members are responsible for attending monthly meetings, sponsored events, and as many athletic events as possible. It is BLUU Crew member’s responsibility to get the crowd involved and show school spirit at each event. Members must be on time for events and must wear Blue and White school colors.

BLUU Crew Scholarships
BLUU Crew members may be able to receive participation scholarships for participation.  Contact Steffie Lybeck for more information.